Mrs Durocher hid 100 numbers all over the room.  We hunted for them and matched them to the same number on the hundreds chart...we found all but one!
We also wrote our name over and over on a blank hundreds chart and then colored was cool to see all the different patterns our names made.  The best part was sharing our 100 bottles.  We filled them with 100 things and wrote clues.  Our classmates tried to guess what was in our bottles from the clues.  We had everything from paperclips to licorice.  We also had a snack of 100!
1/17/2016 06:54:19 am

Your blog is very interesting! My 100th day of school is quickly approaching and I would love to create a collage of pictures using the "Smilebox" program. I enjoyed seeing the different activities you did as well. Collecting 100 items in a water bottle is a terrific idea! It is much better than having the students tape or glue items to a poster, because they always fall off. Thank you for sharing your blog with me. Thank you for keeping it organized as well. It was easy for me to find what I was looking for, because of the tabs you included on the side.


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