Memorial's Marco's Pizza fundraiser night is coming up on March 4th.  Our kindergartners have been working hard to create their own personal pizza box.  If their parents order pizza from Marco's next Wednesday, they can have their pizza delivered in their child's personalized pizza box.  Each student colored his own pizza design and letters and then we stamped pepperonis and mushrooms on top!  They turned out so cute!


We have spent a lot of time this week talking about how to properly take care of our teeth.  We have done a lot of fun activities to reinforce what we have learned.  We read two books for shared reading, Dr. DeSoto and Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth.  We created a graph of our toothbrush colors (pink was the most popular!) and we counted cavities in one of our centers this week, too.  The activity that the kids have enjoyed most though, is brushing the teeth model with the big GIANT toothbrush.  We talked about how to brush, where to brush and what to brush.  Then each student had a chance to practice with the big teeth and toothbrush.


We have been learning all about Dental health for the past week or so.  The kids made some really awesome toothbrushes last week.  We created the color dots with bingo markers and the poem is a little song to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."


We have been learning a lot about US coins lately.  Here, at one of our learning centers, Destiny is shining pennies in a salt and vinegar solution.


Our Valentine's Day party was a blast.  We had so many parents share the experience with us and it was a lot of fun for everyone!  It wasn't just about the valentine's and candy though...we also had a lot of fun with our candy conversation hearts. 

We sorted them by color and then graphed the colors that were in our box.

We created a graph to show the number of letters on a conversation heart.

We estimated and then counted how many hearts we could hold in one hand. (can you tell we just celebrated the hundredth day of school?)  And some of those numbers...well, that is just crazy!  But we had a good time guessing and counting anyway.