Today we had some special visitors.  They arrived in a little brown box...we heard sounds coming from the box.  Someone thought there might be mice inside, but there were baby chicks!  They were barely one week old.  The kids loved holding them...they were so cute.
Here are some pictures of our experience!


Over the past week, we have been learning all about farm animals with our farm unit.  We have been reading Mrs. Wishy-washy and our students have been loving performing a reader's theater of the story.  We have been sorting and counting farm animals, we have added pigs in mud puddles, we have done puppet shows with our farm animal puppets and wrote about farm animals in our journals.  Here are some pictures of our recent centers

Destiny, Jeremiah and Dylan work together on a big puzzle of a farm.

Dylan enjoys reading along with a CD of Old McDonald Had a Farm in our listening center.

Eddie, Jordan, Hannah and Cheyenne are having fun playing with the farm.