We have enjoyed our time with our reading buddies, Mrs. Smiley's class, 2nd and 3rd graders.  Check out our photo page for more pictures of us with our reading buddies.


We will be creating many books in kindergarten.  Your child will acquire quite a collection of them by the end of the year.  I thought I would give you a little information about how we use them and what to do with them when they come home.
How are the books used at school?...
Each child has his or her individual book.  These books will be smaller versions of books we read together.  In these simple books, students learn to recognize and read sight words (our word wall words) and understand punctuation. We also look for the letter of the week we may be learning about. 
We read the book together in Shared Reading.  The students then color and find words, letters, and punctuation in their books. They read them with their reading buddies and friends in their class. 
What should I do with them when they come home?...
When they come home, have your child read it to you or with you.  Sign the book and return it to school.  Your child will receive a sticker on their book and a treat.  The books will be sent home.
What do I do with them after that?...
I would suggest you create a special place for all the books your child will bring home.  A Gallon Ziploc bag is a good storage idea, but a sturdy box with a lid would be best.  You could use a shoe box, a plastic storage container...anything that will hold several small books.  You may even want to decorate it together.  Keep the box of books near your child's bed, perhaps, and get them out often.  Your child will feel successful about reading these stories over and over again.  They are repetitive and usually follow a pattern.  The books could be thematic or focus on a letter or sight word that we are working on.  Whatever you do, don't throw them away.  They are awesome tools for review, so use them and make it fun.


For Constitution Day we learned all about how and why our constitution was created and what it means to us.  We ended our lesson with a fun game of Constitution Day Memory. 


We have started our unit on colors.  Today we had a lot of fun with the color red.  We learned how to write red, and we talked about many things that are red.  Many of our kindergarten friends even wore red and brought something red for show and tell.  We also added the word red to our word wall.  We will be doing a different color each day this week. 
Tuesday is Blue Day
Wednesday is Yellow Day
Thursday is Purple
Friday is Orange
Students may dress in the color for the day and bring a show and tell that is that color.
Today we also worked on our Name book and wrote in our journals.  We have been working on counting and tallies in math too. 
Our letter for the week is the letter f.  We will be learning all about the flag and what it means to our country.