For our Thanksgiving celebration, we had a huge feast where our students had cheese, vegetables, popcorn, turkey and summer sausage, cornbread, nuts and apple juice.  Room 2 dressed as Indians and Room 1 dressed as pilgrims.  We also invited the HeadStart class and they came dressed as turkeys!  We had over 60 kids sitting at tables all in one room, while the parents served them.  We sang some Thanksgiving songs and even had an opportunity for our students to say what they were thankful for. 

Before the feast we did some thanksgiving centers.  We colored a turkey glyph, made Squanto's snack, made our placemats and wrote what we were thankful for in our journals.


Our classmates waiting in line at the "polls" 
We talked about how waiting in line can be a part of the voting experience too!

Dylan voting for president on our mock ballots.

Sam volunteered to work the polls.  She handed out ballots and helped our classmates place their ballots in the ballot box.

Destiny tallies the votes.

Today in Room 2 we had a Mock Election.  We talked about voting and the candidates.  We created a ballot box and we talked about the voting process.  After we voted we made our own "I voted!" stickers and then as a class we tallied the votes.  The results in room 2's election were:
Obama - 15
McCain - 7

Below you can see pictures of some of our proud voters!


Room 2 had a great time for their first experience in our annual Halloween parade.  The parade took us through every classroom in the school.  Not only did all our visitors get to see us in our costumes, but we got to see all the other students in the whole school in their costumes.  It was a lot of fun!

Click Here to see all of us in our Halloween Costumes!