Right after recess, Mrs. Murphy came and read a book to our class.  It was called Snowmen At Night.  It's all about what the author imagines snowmen do at night.  The kids loved it.  We played a couple of games too.  One where we had teams and they had to dress up one of their teammembers as Santa.  We gave them red tissue paper masking tape, black construction paper and some cotton balls.  It was so fun.  The kids really enjoyed it...and we ended up with some really fabulous Santas.

After that we played a game kind of like Hot Potato.  We had a present we passed around and everytime the music stopped the person holding it got to unwrap it.  I had wrapped it several times and it drove the kids crazy because there was always more wrapping paper underneath.  Finally someone unwrapped it the last time and there was a big box of Candy canes from me!  They had a lot of fun with that game.  We had all kinds of great snacks and Christmas cookies to share and best of all, we received some wonderful gifts for our classroom.  Puppets for a new puppet theater center, cars for our blocks center and a portable CD player for a listening center, just to name a few!  Thanks everyone!

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