What  a great first day we had in room 2!  It was so great to finally all be together.  We made new friends and learned new things about how share, how to work together and how to follow rules.  We spent a lot of time working on routines, which will continue throughout the next two weeks.  Today I read a story called The Kissing Hand.  Ask  your child to tell you the story about Chester.  It was a great surprise when Miss Cyndi (Mrs. Durocher's sister) arrived with a special kissing hand treat for every student in the class!  And just in time, because we had a lot of growling tummies. 
Later, Mrs. Murphy visited us and read us the Bucket Filler book.  We talked about ways to fill our classmates and teacher's buckets with nice words and helpful actions.  Later this month, our school will attend an assembly based on this great book.  We also practiced writing our names and drew a picture of ourselves on the first day of school.  We sang the ABC song and did our calendar activities together.
We have a wonderful group of kids that are eager to learn all kinds of things.  I think it's going to be a great year!

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